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Align Art Services
Web design & development.



Align arts services is a graphic design services situated in pune which works with many overseas client printing works like graphic design, embroidery design and vector artworks. Client had made website in the oldest manner or tradional manner you can say which was not getting fit into user experience data. He wanted to upgrade his website according to the new design thinking.


goals and objectives

When I met him, his ideas were so vibrant and so joyfull. He seemed like to have something easy to understand and pleasing to eyes. He introduced me to the color theme he loved to have his website and also provided assets such as images, data content etc. I showed him low fidelity sketch of how his website will look like and he smiled like a child, there I knew it was approved, thankfully.


Key audience

Trageted audience would be :

  • Graphic design clients.
  • Embroidery design clients.
  • Vector design clients.


Colors & Typography

#393360 #818181 #d0f2ff #ffd0ea #ecebef
  • Font famly : Epilogue

Low fidelity sketch/design

low fidelity sketch
high fidelity sketch



Thank you

Launch website

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